Auction season is already over

Procedure for buying timber in auctions

  1. Registration - no prior registration is required, each bidder registers on any day of the auction at the venue
  2. Timber pricing - each bidder has an auction catalogue (on serviced auction days they receive a physical printed catalogue, on other days they can download it online in the news section) and fills in the bid prices
  3. Submission of bids - submission of a completed auction catalogue with a duly completed Consent to the Auction rules and declaration of the binding nature of the submitted bid is possible both electronically by email and in person (we prefer electronically completed catalogues)
  4. Sending out the results immediately after the evaluation - the results are usually sent out the night after the end of the auction; for assortments below the starting price we inform the highest bidder by 8:00 a.m. on the following Friday at the latest in case the owner does not wish to sell the assortments below the starting price
  5. Collection of the auctioned timber - the timber can be collected after payment, if interested we will help with the logistics (see Loading price list)

News for the 2023/2024 auction season

From now on, we will enable pricing from Thursdays to Wednesdays in the following mode...
  • Thursdays and Fridays (and in the case of auctions in Moravská Huzová, Mříč and Břeclav, on Mondays) the auction will be held in an unserviced mode. The timber and the auction catalogue will be ready and the bidders can price the timber in the auction area. However, there will be no refreshments, no service staff, and in the event of snow there will be no cleaning of the logs. Bidders wishing to use these dates are requested to print their own auction catalogue (which will be sent no later than the Wednesday before the auction and published on the website in the news section) and submit it electronically (by arrangement, it is possible to collect the printed catalogue and submit it in person).
  • On Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays (in the case of the auctions in Moravská Huzová, Mříč and Břeclav only on Tuesdays and Wednesdays) the auctions will be held in the traditional mode with refreshments, cleaning of logs in case of snow and the presence of service staff.


Assortments below the starting price...

For logs in which the highest bid submitted is below the starting price, the timber owner has the right not to sell the logs. As soon as the auction has been evaluated, all bidders will receive the results with the logs where their bid was the highest and the logs where the bid is below the starting price –for these logs, the owner is entitled not to sell them. In this case, we will inform the successful bidder by 8:00 a.m. on the Friday following the auction that these logs remain the property of the timber owner and that the volume of the auctioned timber and the total price for the auctioned timber is reduced by these assortments.

Use of sleepers...

The logs on auction will from now will be supported by sleepers at the thicker end.

Due to problems with timely timber removal, fees for timber collection and storage are newly established. Please note that these fees will be required in the following cases...
  • If the Successful Bidder fails to remove the auctioned timber within 5 weeks of the end of the auction (or fails to pay on time), they will be charged a timber collection and storage fee of 200 CZK/m3 for each m3 of timber not removed from the auction area within 5 weeks of the end of the auction and a fee of 40 CZK/m3 for each day of storage for timber not removed from the auction area within 8 weeks of the end of the auction.
  • If the successful bidder does not remove the auctioned timber within 5 or 8 weeks, the Auctioneer offers another option, should the Successful Bidder be interested, of purchasing the unremoved timber at a price of at least CZK 500/m3 in the case of coniferous and soft deciduous timber and CZK 1200/m3 in the case of hard deciduous timber. This option will be used only in case of the Successful Bidder's express interest and its use does not extinguish the right to claim the fee for collection and dumping of timber and the fee for storage of timber over 8 weeks from the end of the auction. However, if the Successful Bidder fails to remove the timber from the auction area by 30 June of the year in question, this option will be exercised automatically and the logs in question will be purchased at the prices stated above, unless otherwise agreed.